Primavera BSS

Dialética 2013

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This was the 10th and last edition of Dialética — the Primavera BSS Biannual Partner Summit — approximately twenty years after its first edition. Coinciding with Primavera's 20th anniversary celebration, this edition assumed a particular importance. It was also the last event in this format so it needed to be memorable.

The seminar and working sessions took place in the magnificent Theatro Circo, one of the most beautiful portuguese theaters. The decoration was conceived to be minimalist so it wouldn't compete with the main room opulent ornaments but to create an appealing contrast instead.

At the end of the event and in a symbolic gesture the "neon" gradually went off, marking the boundary between two important moments: the past and the future of Primavera. It was the end of a cicle and the beginning of another.